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Walker Design Group creates and builds visual experiences that help brands tell their stories and connect with their audiences in new, perhaps unexpected ways. We work in both digital and physical disciplines, though our projects find all kinds of ways to dissolve the boundaries between the two. Everything we do is rooted in culture and faithful to strategic insights about our audience. We want to get them talking about something amazing they’ve experienced—not about an advertising campaign.

Our team is comprised of creative professionals. Whether we’re building a brand or developing a digital message, we do the vast majority of our production in house. This allows us to be nimble in our process and give our clients excellent visibility into each project, from start to finish.

About us

We’re an innovative design studio.

It’s kind of like an advertising agency on adrenaline.

Our clients bring us problems, and we find innovative solutions.

We approach each project with a startup mentality—working quickly, cleverly, and effectively to solve problems with creative solutions.

Our team provides a unique range of disciplines not found at your typical agency, from strategic integration to execution of a brand.

We’re here to give you straight talk, killer creativity, and the kind of strategic creative you need to make a mark that lasts.

And we love what we do, everyday.

We love strategy because it leads to effective and long-lasting results. So strategic disruption isn’t about shaking things up just because you can. It’s about smart, bold decisions that make you stand out in a crowd, and make you matter to the individuals in that crowd.

It’s about asking the deeper questions that get to the heart of the matter. And it’s about thinking differently to go beyond what’s easy and doing what’s right for you. It’s why we love what we do. We’re here to give you straight talk, killer creativity, and the kind of strategic disruption you need to make a mark that lasts.

The WDG Philosophy

We believe a brand is a reputation—driven by a collection of perceptions, emotions, lasting design, and experiences.

Brands are inherently human and are built by and for people. The brave few laboring to build them are plagued by a common set of problems:

  • The market doesn’t get us.
  • We need a clearer message.
  • The competition is winning.
  • We need a better story.
  • We have no clue how to position this new product.
  • We are not standing out in the marketplace.
  • We are a commodity.

A highly skilled creative partner

With over 35 years of professional experience with a wide variety of clients, Walker Design Group has developed and maintained scores of brands through a specialized and focused set of service offerings and a culture that puts client success first. We provide results that are dynamic, creative, informative and most importantly, true to the spirit of our client’s brand.

We shine for our clients when we have an opportunity to develop and direct branding systems so the creative we craft for campaigns and communications remains on point and is as effective as possible in maintaining a strong and cohesive brand experience. At Walker Design Group, we’ve made the process of creative solutions the cornerstone of our design service.

The bottom line: Walker Design Group brings your brand to creative life by delivering the message to your consumers while giving them a unique and out-of-the-ordinary visual experience. In an ever-fragmented marketplace, Walker Design Group stands as one of the best means for bringing together the essential elements of success — effective strategies, innovative design and a positive consumer experience.

The Walker Design Group Story

Walker Design Group is a full service design and advertising firm, specializing in innovative design and strategic marketing solutions, located in Great Falls, Montana. Established in October, 1982 as Walker Graphics, the firm combines traditional process with contemporary marketing strategies to deliver high quality design services to a diverse customer base.

With strategic branding built into the DNA of Walker Design Group, every design challenge solution is always weighed against the client’s overall brand positioning and promise. Walker Design Group’s goal is to spread the clients’ presence across relevant media, deploying brands, increasing customer awareness and strengthening relationships. We research, plan, implement and analyze.

With the firm expertise-base, we develop and deploy highly targeted and effective visual media strategies spanning general advertising campaigns, promotional, and direct response. We help clients effectively reach targeted markets through print, network TV, cable, radio, outdoor, online and email media.

Walker Design Group has a long history of graphic design excellence in Montana, and the Northwest. With numerous Montana Addys and National Awards, Walker Design Group has proven time and again that we maintain ourselves at the head of the pack with creative solutions and innovative design for our clients.

The firm specializes in adjusting it’s capabilities to our client’s needs. Instead of adhering to one design principal, Walker Design Group utilizes several principles and styles to achieve the one important common goal of the firm and our client’s success.

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